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The fine line between love and lust can be blurry... 
Valentina “Vale” Zamora is a twenty-eight-year-old executive looking to put the pieces of her shattered life back together after a rocky marriage and even rockier divorce. Desperate to add some excitement to her life, she flies off to Paris to engage in some retail therapy and possibly find a man to bring her some much-needed sexual fulfillment. 

But when she meets a mysterious self-made millionaire, she gets far more than she expected. An erotic escapade unfolds against the beauty and drama of Paris, and Vale finds herself in the middle of a sexual—and emotional—awakening. Is this all just a lust-filled romp? Or could this actually be something real?

Filled with passion, eroticism, and surprises, The Yummy Trilogy is one woman’s journey into a world of desire, love, and ultimately herself.

All characters in Belle Davis' books are fictional.

Contemporary Erotic Romance